What will I study in Diploma ?
Diploma is made up of a wide variety of subjects. All students will study the following subjects.

Applied Science
Students will study a variety of different topics. These topics will include
  • How Natural Systems work.
  • How development changes the environment.
  • How people use natural resources and the natural environment.

Business English
An introductory course covering all aspects of business, including Company structure and department processes, finance, marketing, sales and human resources. Students will also learn about interview techniques, organisational methods, sales and management techniques.

Students will study within a class according to their level and experience. They will study to improve their ability in both speaking and writing.

Cultural Studies
This class examines the culture of 3 countries in East Asia; China, Korea and Japan.
A comparative look at the culture and customs of China, Korea and Japan is very important to understand our own country and other countries. The purpose of the class is to give the students an accurate overview and comparison of 3 countries by pulling out interesting and unique characteristics of each country.We will try to find the common and different concepts and values in countries and we will study the reasons.
We will use a text book “China, Japan and Korean Culture and Customs” by Ju Brown/ John Brown.
In Diploma ESL the course is primarily aimed at preparing students for the IELTS & / or TOEFL exam. The Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening components of the exam are taught as separate skills groups, with weekly exam practice and regular feedback of progress.
High level ESL readers and a range of suitable first language novels are also used to improve reading.
In both years there will be research projects and longer university style essays (1500 words+).
Each of the four key skills will be taught independently and practical advice will be given about exam strategies and techniques alongside regular exam practice.
Grammar and vocabulary will be taught in context and there will be regular opportunities for public speaking and presentations.


Students will study a variety of software programmes. They will develop their skills through projects and practical involvement in the ICT of the School.

Students will study a language that is suitable for their individual needs and ability. The possible languages available to study may be French, Korean and Japanese.

This course will enable the students to continue to expand their knowledge in Pure Mathematics (Graphs, Algebra, and Calculus) and Statistics (Displaying and Analysing Data, Probability, Measures of Dispersion and Central Tendencies). The course also looks to apply this knowledge in real life and business contexts.

In Diploma Physical Education, the students will be exposed to a variety of sports, both team and individual. The students will be expected to participate in activities designed to improve their personal skill and fitness levels. The overall aim of the program is to develop a 'fit for life' mentality in the students. The assessment of the course will be done through practical assessment and written project based assessment demonstrating applied learning.

Social Studies
Sociology and Psychology

Students will study both Sociology and Psychology throughout the year.
The focus of the Sociology course will be to expand student’s understanding of the world around them, to understand current affairs throughout the world using the theories within Sociology and to look at the different ways society has developed within different cultures, specifically comparing Asian and Western structures and development.
The Psychology aspect of the course will focus on development and learning. It will consider the development of the child and how our brains perceive and interpret the world around us. It will also examine memory and learning styles, allowing the student to better understand their own learning processes.

Study Sessions
All students can attend study sessions throughout the week. These sessions will be structured and monitored.

Visual Arts
Art and Graphics
Students will have the opportunity to work in a variety of techniques and study artists from a variety of backgrounds. They will study elements of Art History and contemporary graphics and illustration. They will learn how to write about their own and other artist’s work.