What is Diploma ?
Diploma is a course designed for students who do not want to follow the AS and A level route within Years 12 and 13.
The course is made up of many subjects.
All students will study all of the subjects.
All subjects will be taught by teachers who are experts in their field.

Who is the course aimed at?
Diploma is a course designed for students who do not wish to take AS and/or A levels. It contains an increased level of ESL to help students achieve the IELTS and TOEFL grades that they need.
Diploma recognises that many Universities prefer students who have studied a wide variety of courses within their final years of school. Diploma contains subjects from many different areas of the curriculum. Students can graduate from Diploma having completed a varied curriculum, with the ability to go to University and study within any subject.

How are the students assessed?
Students are assessed through a combination of course work and End of Year Exams. All the subjects will be taught through a modular structure. Each module will receive a course work grade. All subjects will have an End of Year exam in June.
All students, who complete the Diploma, will receive a Diploma Certificate at the end of Year 12 and at the end of Year 13.
All students will receive 2 reports every year. These reports will grade the students from A - D.

How can I find out more?
To find out more please contact the school and arrange to speak to Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator, Head of Secondary or Diploma Co-ordinator.